As we get further into the digital age, offset litho printing has more to contend with. Digital printing and digital media are fighting against litho for the spotlight to be the most relevant method. Digital printing poses the biggest threat to litho printing because it requires less manual input giving it a speedier set up. This is obviously appealing to many people as when we want something done, we want it done quick. Digital printing does give us that essence of speed but does it still hold it’s quality? 

Litho printing does have it’s advantages however, when compared to digital print techniques, because it can accommodate heavier weights of paper and is more cost effective when printing in bulk. You get a better range of colours with litho printing as it has high accuracy when matching pantone colours. 

I think it is safe to say, digital print is definitely improving as the years go on. Unless you are an expert, it is getting harder to tell the difference in quality between digital print and litho print. However, it is clear that each way of printing has both its benefits and disadvantages.

Here at Smith & Watts Print we are masters of all printing. We not only use litho print but digital print too. We believe that all forms of printing are just as relevant as each other.

Litho Printing

Digital printing is good for those who want to print quickly. The digital printer does not need a high resolution image, and is quick to set up. But I think if you want a high quality print and numerous copies, then litho printing is definitely the way to go.It works out cheaper to print large amounts out and you can also have a better and heavier quality of paper. 

It is also pretty clear that not everybody is ready to say goodbye to their hardback books. There has actually been a rise in book sales with young children, people do still want something tangible to keep hold of. There are some things about litho print that digital print just couldn’t replace. Like the smell of a new book, or the fact you can make notes in textbooks. 

There is nothing wrong with either form of printing, it is just down to your personal preferences and needs. Here at Smith & Watts Print we are experts in both litho and digital printing. We understand how important it is to get the perfect print for your company, so we only produce high quality work. What we love most about these forms of printing in particular is that digital has variable data, so it can go hand in hand with litho.

Despite our company being founded in 1780, we understand that the print industry has changed and evolved. Because of this, our printing equipment has evolved with it, this way we are able to still hold our more traditional roots whilst still being able to appeal to the digital generation. 

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