Frequently Asked Questions

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What are my print choices?
Your individual requirements and quantities will often determine whether the overall job falls within the category of Digital or Litho print. It’s worth contacting the Smith & Watts print team to find out which option is best for you.
Which print process is best for me?
Again, this depends on a variety of factors. But ultimately your budget and quantities being the main requirements of consideration. We’re more than happy to advise you on what print process is best for you and your project.
What is Creep and Bleed?
If you require the professional printing of a brochure or book, you need to allow for creep. This can take a long time to adjust for pre-designed work. Bleed should always be checked whatever the job; 3mm is a standard safety net for this process. Please speak to one of our team if you need help and assistance with Creep and Bleed requirements.
What about paper stock?
Many clients often know what they want from their print requirement, but don’t worry if you don’t! We like to work with our clients ensuring they’re happy and reaching the desired finish they are after. We’re also able to advise on stocks and how the ink handles on them – this is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly option for your project.
Should I mark it up?
Its always a good idea to mark up the artwork with specs, colours printed and any guides. As always, we’re on hand to help if required – contact the Smith & Watts print team today!
What size?
Are you flexible in terms of your print size? If so, it’s always worth speaking to us about this. Often a few millimetres difference can enable room to add more pages per sheet and have a much more economical print. This might leave you with extra budget to do something else… (maybe a metallic colour!)
What are the supply requirements?
We recommend to think about what specific colour profiles you would like to use or should be working to, making sure nothing is set to overprint unless it’s meant to be. The Smith & Watts print team can help you to achieve all supply requirements you have in mind.
Can I use folds or unusual formats?
When you contact our team we can discuss what unusual folds or die-cuts we can adhere to for your print project. We also might have to adjust your artwork to allow for folding. In addition, we can make a dummy up to give you an idea of the finished piece.
Can I see a proof?
Of course – a PDF proof will be sent to you for your approval. Alternatively, all of our clients are welcome to visit Smith & Watts print and pass their project on the press in person. You can also meet the team, see our setup and experience our professional print solutions.
How fast can we do it?
Here at Smith & Watts print, we will always work with you to achieve the best possible outcome. We usually liaise with our clients as to the date that you require and work back from there.

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