At Smith & Watts Print, we help businesses through a proven and structured process to avoid selecting the wrong paper for their business.

It might seem obvious as to what is good or bad paper, however, as a specialist in print, we can ensure you do not select the wrong stock, colour or texture.


The important element to factor is; How do you want the recipient to feel about your business:

  • Cheap and bargain basement
  • Middle of the road
  • Premium 
  • Extremely expensive

And all of those options are very much available for all to select from. However, selecting the wrong paper can be ever so costly and such a mistake will hurt much more than a paper cut.

For instance, if you are a premium brand, you cannot afford to send limp, flimsy, cheap paper to a prospect or even stock this anywhere in the business. If you want to be or are premium. It all needs to be premium.

Likewise, if your target market is broad and the quality of paper unimportant, then maybe a basic paper is sufficient. 

This all might seem obvious, however, knowing what to select, how the paper can or cannot be used and what other limitations may arise such as durability, texture or printability all becomes a factor.

If you are unsure as to what paper to select or wish to have a paper sampling session with Sam at Smith and Watts Print, simply call us on 01206 866779. Alternatively, you can email