Google It

As you may have recently seen, the latest trend in marketing is an increase in printed marketing material. Content that you can actually feel and touch. Delivering the ultimate ‘personal’ message.

A great example of this is Google’s recent distribution of ‘quiz cards’ sent to all of it’s digital marketing partners. 

Whilst they did send all of their partners an email, clearly this digital phenomenon has proven the value of combination marketing. 

Whereby you utilise both digital and offline marketing channels.

If Google, arguably one of the biggest and best data centres in the world, a company that always proves its results and backs all acclaimed facts with stats, is sending tangible marketing materials such as their recent delivery of ‘quiz cards’ then clearly there is great value in offline marketing and print.

If your business is struggling to stand out from the crowd or it proclaims that it provides a truly personal service, then you must include printed offline marketing material within your marketing mix. 

Google is one of many online companies that are revisiting print as part of their marketing as are global giants Amazon and many others.

At Smith & Watts print, we work with a large variety of companies, and have done for over 200 years. Subsequently, what we do has surpassed the test of time. Even in what is called the ‘digital age’.

And whilst digital is very important. Print is too and there is a huge upturn in offline printed materials being used in the form of; personal letters, personal thank you messages, introduction letters, bulky mail, and corporate games or branding. 

Whatever the idea or if you need inspiration, we can help with that too!

Simply contact Sam at Smith and Watts Print to arrange a very personal conversation at a time and place of your preference to discuss exciting marketing plans for 2020.