Printed Books

Do you remember a time before everything went digital?

If you were to ask any child under the age of 20 if they remember what it was like before we had mobile phones and TV, they would stare at you with a blank face. 

Of course, they don’t remember a time before, they were born into a world full of lit-up screens and the internet. 

From entertainment to marketing, 50 years ago people couldn’t rely on the internet for answers, they couldn’t text their friends, and they had to physically leave their house to buy food. 

Now; the next generation is growing up surrounded by digital technology making certain tasks in life so much easier.

But what is it doing to them?

Many people will find that they can’t seem to get away from a computer or phone screens as it is an essential piece of equipment in many job roles. But are we missing the true beauty that surrounded us before the digital age?

Spending too long looking at screens can have an effect on your body and mind. You feel tried, you find you often suffer from headaches and worst of all you get a sore neck. 

By taking a break from all things digital will help you to relax. Try picking up a book, or reading the advertisements displayed all around you as you walk through the town center. 

So much beauty can be seen in printed advertisements and books. Why not try spending time focusing on staying away from all things digital, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. 

Smith & Watts Print are certainly big advocates of printed materials and definitely understand the importance of using printed media within your marketing plan. 

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