The Queen’s Birthday Parade

This week marked something of a momentous occasion. The team at Smith & Watts Print had the great honour of meeting with the Major General. Smith and Watts Print were given the greatest privilege of being tasked with overseeing the design and the printing of various materials associated with the Queen’s Birthday Parade. It was surreal just to be thanked for our tireless hard work. He was impressed with the attention to detail and the time it took us to oversee the design and print, which for us was one of the most valued compliments! It was truly a once in a lifetime moment for us which highlights the achievements made by the right focus and passion towards our work at Smith and Watts Print.

Here are a few facts about our Queen Elizabeth II.

  • She has been a fan of the Corgi breed of dogs, since being gifted her first at the age of 18. Subsequently she named it Susan.
  • Since that day in 1944, the Queen has owned more than 30 Corgis.
  • The Queen owns all the dolphins and whales in the waters around the UK.
  • The Queen sent her very first email at a British Army base in 1976
  • She was given her first pony at the age of four.
  • She gave her first royal speech at the age of 14

Here lies the fruits of our labour, in the hands of the Queen herself. An enormous honour to have worked on such an important project, and a great way to showcase exactly what we can do. It isn’t every day you stand in the room of the late Duke of Wellington, part of the furniture along with as his original desk, and bust – one of only two in the country. Here are a few images of the finished project, and the parade in which it featured, the grandest stage of them all.