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Print Service

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Direct Mail

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Storage and Distribution

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Artwork Guidelines

At Smith & Watts Print, we want to print your work to the very highest standard. We have some of the most state-of-the-art equipment in the business, but you can help us achieve the best possible results.
In particular, we can work more quickly if you supply us with artwork that you are happy with, and in a format that we can reproduce in the way you hope for. To help us achieve the best results time after time, we’ve put together this short checklist for your guidance. If you have any queries, or need any help, please get in touch. But above all, remember that if any of the below seems too daunting or technical — we can always help. Get in touch with us at any time.

The right file type

At Smith & Watts Print, we can print from most common file types, as well as many of the more unusual formats.

The right resolution

Quality printing requires high-resolution artwork. Whilst websites and other screen images tend to have a resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch), work destined for print needs be supplied at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at its finished size.

The right colour profile

Lithographic printing requires colour artwork that is supplied in a CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black) format. Using these four colours enables us to create superior printing to that achieved using three-colour digital RGB (Red Green Blue) processes.
However, many popular file formats — such as digital camera generated JPGs —are created with an RGB colour profile. We will happily convert RGB to CMYK for you, but you will need to check that you are happy with the colour conversion.

The right fonts and photos

We are happy to accept artwork that has been created in Adobe InDesign or Quark Xpress. However, we will need all the fonts and images used to create your final design. Please get in touch to discuss our font availability. InDesign/QuarkXpress has a special ‘Preflight’ option, which will bundle necessary files together and alert you if any are missing.

If you have any doubts, we are happy for you to provide us with a high-resolution PDF of your artwork, which will automatically have images and fonts embedded for our use.

A word about PDFs

PDFs are increasingly popular file formats, and we can print high quality work from them. We can create the best job if you can provide us with files that have:
  •     embedded fonts;
  •     a 2mm bleed (printing that goes over the edge of the sheet after trimming)
  •     trim marks that are centred on the document;
  •     a CMYK format.

Sending us your files

Please send us your files using our FTP site you can log in, or on email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or if you need assistance please do call us on 01206 866779 .
And don’t forget — we can always help you with any aspect of the pre-printing process. Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions.


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